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Issue 42 Follow-up - Do We Need Media Alternatives?

Issue 42 - Do Local Papers Suppress the Truth?

Issue 41 Follow-up - Whos to Blame for the EMS Contract?

Issue 41 - Should You Vote For the EMS Levy?

Issue 40 -  Are Local Ambulance Rates Too High?

Issue 39 Follow-up - Is WGHs Lab Even Worse Off Than Reported?

Issue 17 2nd Follow-up - Is the MQAC Maintaining High Health Standards?


Issue 39 - Is High Turnover Compromising WGHs Services?

Issue 17 Follow-up - Should Surgical Techs Be Operating Colonoscopes?

Issue 38 Should CNO Gipson Be CEO?

Issue 37 - Is WGHs Pricing Off the Charts?

Issue 36 - Is Overtime Excessive at the EMS? - $122,700: Paramedic Paradise! -

Issue 35 Is WGHs ER Going Downhill?

Issue 34 - Are WGHs Billing Practices Harsh?

Issue 33 - Are EMS Services Overfunded?

Issue 32 - Should WGH Affiliate with a Large Hospital?

Issue 30 Reply - WGH Officials Again Avoid AG Opinion

Issue 31 - Is WGHs Sleep Center Overpriced?

Issue 30 Do WGH Officials Lack Credibility? - Reformers to Cease Publishing. . ."IF" -

Issue 29 - Is WGH Getting Better or Worse?  

Issue 28 - Are the Medicare Violation Cover-ups Continuing?

Issue 27 -  Was the WCP Buyout Bad Business? 

Issue 26 - Are WGH Medical Billings Outlandish?

Issue 25 - Is WGH Evading the Public Records Act?

Issue 24 - Are WGHs Lab and Radiology Prices Inflated? - Read this Before Your  Next MRI! -

Issue 23 - Is Dr. Bahiraeis Lawsuit Threat Frivolous?

Issue 22 - Why Are So Many Doctors Leaving WGH?

Issue 21 - Is WGH Overpaying Its Surgeons? 

Issue 20 - Whos to Blame for WGHs Bad Reputation?

Issue 19 -  Is WGH Corrupt at the Top?

Issue 18 - Are WGHs Legal Expenses Excessive?

Issue 17 - Has WGH Been Doing Unsafe Colonoscopies? - Who Actually Did YOUR  Colonoscopy? -

Issue 16 - Can One Bad Apple Spoil the Whole Bunch?  

Issue 15 - Was Marketing of the Bond Slanted?

Issue 14 - Is WGH Getting Bad Press?

Issue 13 - Are South End Plans in Disarray?

Issue 12 - Why Are So Many Supervisors Leaving?

Issue 11 - Why Does WGH Keep Crossing Medicare Regulators?

Issue 10 - Has Dr. Z Tried to Gain Control of the Board?

Issue 9 - Were the Hospital Bond Finances Phony?

Issue 8 - Issue 8:  Was the CEOs Contract Exorbitant?

Issue 7 - Does WGH Bully Its Critics?

Issue 6 - Why Hasnt WGH Resolved Its Unpaid Overtime Problem?

Issue 5 - Was the Penn Cove Anesthesia Contract a Sweetheart Deal?  - A $3.5 Million Giveaway? -

Issue 4 - Was the CEO Selection Process Sabotaged?

Issue 3 - Is WGH Jeopardizing Lives with Its ED Medical Control System?    - A Life-and-Death Matter ! -

Issue 2 - How Much Will  Stark Law Violations Cost WGH?

Issue 1 - Is Dr. Zaveruhas Board membership a Conflict of Interest?

Note: Investigative Reporter Rob Born is a Greenbank resident and former newspaper owner and editor.  He currently works in a law office in Seattle,  and will continue to publish reports if, and as, time permits. Got a hospital scandal or issue you want investigated? Contact Rob at  robborn28@yahoo.com.